"Hodo" means path, “phobia” means fear.

The artwork “Suspense of Hodophobia” is a story about fear. Fear involves suspense. Fear is something we feel before and a!er something fearful occurs either it happens in Jerusalem or in Copenhagen.

Fear travels and it looks different in different contexts. And what we fear the most rarely happens. The video and sound installaton, Suspense of Hodophobia, portrays the life of fear. Inside the installation the audience can see and feel how fear is differently perceived and connected depending on where you are and who you are.

Hitchcock was called the master of suspense. Inspired by his determinaton. His stories trigged the audience’s apprehension. We fear because of the story about something dangerous. We fear places and people because we are told to. “Don’t enter the souk”, “don’t take bus” the foreign ministries of England and Denmark say.

The stories about fear take place in people’s everyday life and so does Suspense of Hodophobia.

Americans are told by offcials to fear certain places in Denmark – though high levels of violent are rare. In Copenhagen, public areas are connected to violence and terrorism specially afer the Prophet Muhammad cartoon controversy.

Sound and picture material from both Copenhagen and Jerusalem will add up the installation; the room will be blow up, paused by tranquillity, realness, sillness – everyday life. By sound and photography, we will examine and portray “fear” in a room of fear.

Suspense of Hodophobia describes the current body of fear. Here and there. In Denmark and in Jerusalem. Interviews with Danes and Palestinians living in Denmark will show what they imagine people in Jerusalem fear. Our own fear travel – narrated by European offcials - will be connected to public transportation and souk – the everyday life in Jerusalem.

Suspense of Hodophobia will by soundscapes and pictures portray how fear feels: Who and what is actually feared the places we, the Danes, are being told to fear.

We’ve always felt fear – also when traveling. Once upon of time when discovering the world thieves, murders and other tough guys on boats feared crossing the limit of the world. Today we know their fear was childish. It seems bizarre. Nowadays fears are often experiences but still we have a reminiscence of the imaginative.

The sociologist teaches us that fear is story. It’s a story about fear or no-fear. Even though there is nothing to fear in this exact moment, fear always exists. Fear often has to do with places and other people far away. Despite this fact, that fear is distant – fear seems present.